FAQ: Which Hotel Has The Best Beach In Varadero?

Which hotel in Varadero has the best beach?

It’s for good reason the delightful Melia Varadero is at the top of our list of the best beach resorts in Cuba. This classy, five-star all-inclusive resort features direct access to a beautiful stretch of sandy beach on the popular Varadero peninsula, and is just minutes away from top area attractions and things to do.

Which part of Cuba has the best beaches?

Come out and playa: 6 of the best beaches in Cuba

  1. Varadero. With heart-melting destinations like Cienfuegos and Trinidad on the south coast, you know it’s going to be a good scene down there.
  2. Playa Ancon & La Boca.
  3. Playa Paraiso.
  4. Cayo Rico.
  5. Baracoa.
  6. Playa Los Pinos.

What is the newest resort in Varadero?

Featuring 946 rooms over 11 floors, the new Meliá Internacional is owned by the Gran Caribe hotel group and run by the Meliá Hotels International chain. It offers sprawling views of Varadero beach, recognized by TripAdvisor as the third best beach in the world in 2018.

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Is Varadero the best beach in the world?

Varadero is chosen the second beach in the world in 2019 by the site TripAdvisor. Varadero, Cuba’s main seaside resort, ranked second on the list of the world’s best beaches, according to the “Traveller’s Choice 2019” awards, organized by the largest travel website TripAdvisor.

What is the best month to go to Varadero Cuba?

The best time to visit Varadero for heat and sunshine is between July and September. This is when the sun stays out the longest and temperatures have soared to the low-thirties. The dry season is slightly cooler with an average temperature of 24°C.

Is Varadero worth visiting?

Re: Is Varadero worth it? Varadero beach is fantastic and you don’t have to be anywhere near the all inclusive resorts. Just walk a couple of blocks from the Viazul bus station and you’re on the beach with loads of space. However, I wouldn’t recommend Varadero in the short time you have.

What is the most beautiful part of Cuba?

The 10 Most Beautiful Spots In Cuba

  • Old Havana. Old Havana, or Habana Vieja, boasts UNESCO World Heritage status because the city is home to some of the best-preserved history in Cuba.
  • Baracoa. Baracoa is a little-known slice of paradise in Cuba.
  • Trinidad.
  • Playa Paraíso.
  • Cienfuegos.
  • Peninsula de Zapata.
  • Caya Coco.
  • The Malecón.

Which is better Varadero or Cayo Coco?

The main difference between the two are setting. Cayo Coco is more remote and quiet whereas at Veradero there is certainly a lot more to do if you go looking for it. If you like nightlife and getting around like say to Havana then i would go with Veradero.

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What should I avoid in Cuba?

11 Things You Should Never Do in Cuba

  • Don’t talk about politics.
  • Don’t stay in the orange casa particulares.
  • Don’t work on a tourist visa.
  • Don’t take photos of police or soldiers.
  • Don’t be shy.
  • Don’t get confused by the two currencies.
  • Don’t expect to find creature comforts.
  • Don’t forget to tip.

What is the cheapest month to go to Cuba?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Cuba High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Cuba is September.

Is it safe to swim in Varadero?

Though the beach seems inviting and safe most the time, it holds a couple of dangers. One warning is to never leave valuables on the shore while taking a dip. If you cannot leave valuables in your room, perhaps you might consider purchasing a water-proof wallet to swim with.

Is Varadero safe?

Stay safe[edit] Varadero is pretty strictly a tourist enclave, with limited access for locals, and routinely policed. Elsewhere in Cuba is much different. It is, however, arguably the safest country in the Caribbean for travelers, including single females. Use your common sense and you’ll be fine.

What is Varadero Cuba known for?

Located in the province of Matanzas, Varadero is the most famous beach resort in Cuba, and one of the largest resorts in the Caribbean. Also known as ‘Blue Beach’ because of its clear, calm waters, Varadero is fronted by a 20km (12-mile) fine white sandy beach, which is bathed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

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