FAQ: Who Owns The Ace Hotel?

Who owns Ace Pittsburgh?

Y Hotel Group, the owner of Ace Hotel Pittsburgh, did not elaborate. “I can’t say anything about it,” Nate Cunningham of Y Hotel Group said, citing pending litigation. The Pittsburgh location opened in 2015 in a former YMCA building on Whitfield Street.

What happened to the Ace Hotel?

American hotel company Ace Hotel has permanently closed its outpost in Shoreditch, London, after shuttering the venue temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. “We fell in love with that energy, and we’re excited to build a new home in London in the hopeful, renewed future,” it said.

Who owns Ace Shoreditch?

The Ace Hotel London was acquired by Starwood Capital Group in 2012, which then sold the property for £150 million in 2015 to new owner Limulus Ltd.

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What Ace means?

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Is the ACE Hotel closed?

PITTSBURGH — Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas Judge Christine Ward has ruled that the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh in East Liberty cannot reopen to the public due to an ongoing dispute between its local ownership and the New York-based boutique hotel brand.

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