Often asked: How To Book A Block Of Hotel Rooms For A Wedding?

Do you have to block hotel rooms for a wedding?

You should reserve hotel room blocks with at least two hotels if you’re having a destination wedding with a lot of out-of-town guests, you’re getting married at a hotel with exceptionally pricey rooms or you have a larger-than-average guest list (more than 140).

When should you block out hotel rooms for a wedding?

Couples typically reserve hotel room blocks about 3-8 months before the wedding. To do this, narrow your search to a handful of hotels (Hotel Planner is a great tool to start with!) and give each of them a call, asking for the venue manager.

What does it mean to block hotel rooms for a wedding?

The basics: A hotel room block is a reservation of 10+ hotel rooms. The perk of a room block is that they save you time, money and ensure that all of your guests will have a place to stay during the event you are hosting. On average, group rates are 15% to 40% lower than standard rates.

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Does it cost anything to block hotel rooms?

Most couples can (and should) be able to block rooms at any hotel without a deposit. This is the kind of room block where you don’t have to put down a deposit and there is no fees for unused rooms. Having set up over 4000 wedding room blocks, we know that most hotels offer them (they just don’t openly advertise it).

Who pays for hotel on wedding night?

Traditional Weddings If the groom’s family is covering the cost of the wedding or part of the wedding, they may be asked to pay for the best man’s room as well. The groom and/or his family also is traditionally obligated to pay for the hotel rooms of his entire half of the wedding party, not only the best man.

Who pays for hotel rooms for wedding?

Traditionally, wedding guests pay for their own hotel rooms. While it would be a nice gesture for a couple to offer to pay for everyone’s hotel rooms, it is not expected of anyone.

What is a courtesy hotel block?

A courtesy block is a block of rooms that a hotel will hold without any financial obligation to you. With a courtesy block the rooms are pulled from hotel inventory and reserved for your group at a discounted rate.

How many hotel rooms should you have at a wedding?

If you’re hosting a destination wedding, three hotels in different price points should be plenty. If your wedding is local, one hotel should be fine depending on your guest list. If you have a large number of out-of-towers, three hotels may be a better bet.

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What is a wedding block contract?

A Contracted Room Block requires a contract to pull guest rooms out of the resort’s inventory. You’ll need to guarantee a certain number of rooms will be sold in that block or you’ll have to pay for them anyway.

What is a hotel attrition clause?

Attrition rate refers to the percentage of rooms that must be filled in order to avoid paying a penalty. For example, let’s say you make a block of 20 rooms for your wedding. This means you now have to pay for those two unused rooms. In many cases, you’re best off without an attrition clause in your contract.

Do hotels take money out right away?

With a credit card, the incidentals deposit is merely a hold on your credit card. But with a debit card, the hotel actually takes that money out of your account right away. With a debit card, anyone can clean out your savings and there won’t be much recourse for you.

Is HotelPlanner com fake?

HotelPlanner is a legitimate resource for professional event planners or large event coordinators.

What do concierges do?

Helpful hotel staff known as concierges have long been a mainstay of the hotel experience. Typical duties include helping guests with restaurant reservations, recommending activities in the area and arranging transportation to the airport.

Do you have to pay for room blocks?

Because most hotels offer what is commonly referred to as a courtesy room block (or an open block). After that date (usually 30 days before the wedding), the rooms will be “released” from the block and your guests will have to pay the standard price.

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