Quick Answer: What Was In The Doctor’s Hotel Room?

What did the doctor see in the room?

In “The Time of the Doctor”, it is revealed that what the Doctor saw in Room 11 was the crack in reality that dominated his first series. The episode also introduces the Tivolians, a race of cowardly aliens who survive by docilely allowing themselves to be conquered by other species on a regular basis.

What was the doctor’s secret?

River Song said his name (without us hearing it) to open the tomb, but as a joke, people have been saying his name is Please, since he said Please and the tomb opened. Then… later on, we learned the secret… was John Hurt. My husband exclaimed, “So, the Doctor’s secret is that they kidnapped John Hurt in his tomb? ”…

What is the doctor’s worst fear?

Fear of failure is the greatest fear for most physicians—and with good reason. The stakes are high in medicine, sometimes a matter of life and death. Doctors feel they need to make the right call every time. There’s no room for mistakes.

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What was in Amy Ponds room?

Amy’s bedroom included a bed, a dresser, a table, and, during her childhood, a doll house. After her first encounter with the Doctor, she made many dolls of him and models of the TARDIS, all of which remained in her room throughout her adolescence and early adult life.

What was Amys fear in the God complex?

In “The God Complex”, the Doctor’s fear is found in room 11, a number obviously linked to his current incarnation. Amy Pond’s fear is in room 7. Her fear is herself as a child, Amelia Pond, waiting on her suitcase for the Doctor to return.

What does The Doctor believe in the God complex?

What Does The Doctor Believe In? The asked, but not explicitly answered, question of the week: Amy pointed out that the Doctor has faith as well, but he neither admits it or shares what that faith is in. I think his faith is in Amy, and Rory, and all of his companions.

Why is the doctors name a secret?

He keeps his name a secret because, as long as time-travel exists, that secret is the only thing which keeps his friends, his loved ones, and his parents and grandparents safe from those who might seek to undermine, even prevent his existence.

What did the doctor tell Martha?

When Martha is approached by The Doctor after the events of “Smith and Jones,” she is wearing a red jacket and faded denim jeans for her brother’s birthday celebration. The Doctor promises he can bring her back to that same night, and the two go off for “one” adventure in time and space.

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What is the Doctor scared of Doctor Who?

Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders The Doctor’s first Arachano-foe that would set arachnophobes running from the room were the appropriately named Eight Legs! Hell bent on dominating the universe, the Doctor had to travel to their home planet of Metebelis III to stop them.

What did Rory see in the God complex?

Rory returns in time to see the TARDIS dematerialising, and wonders where the Doctor’s gone. Amy merely replies that he is saving them.

Will Rory and Amy return to Doctor Who?

Rory Williams returns to Doctor Who in a hilarious introduction to “The Doctor’s Wife” – a short scene penned by Neil Gaiman himself. Doctor Who companions Rory and Amy have returned in a new short scene written by the legendary Neil Gaiman.

Why did the Doctor close the door on Amy?

To Amy’s shock, the Doctor locked her out of the TARDIS as he had lied that the TARDIS could sustain the paradox of two Amys. As Amy banged on the TARDIS doors and demanded to be let in, a conflicted Rory was left with the decision of whether or not to open the door.

Where is Amy and Rory’s house?

Amy and Rorys Home – Filming Location – Cardiff Bay.

Does the Doctor have a God complex Doctor Who?

“The God Complex” is the second Doctor Who story in a row in which Amy Pond’s survival relies on testing her faith in the Doctor to beyond endurance.

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