Readers ask: What Hotel Did The Hangover Take Place?

What hotel did they stay in in The Hangover?

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas’s debaucherous nature is also the centerpiece of The Hangover, which came out in 2009, and its sequels.

What is the hotel in The Hangover 2?

The Phulay Bay Resort and Krabi Ritz Carlton are featured in “The Hangover Part II.” The Scene: Wedding for Stu (played by Helms) and fiancée Lauren (Jamie Chung).

What rooftop was The Hangover filmed on?

The Rooftop is indeed the real Rooftop of the Caesars hotel, this is actually the Forum Tower Roof despite the act they are staying in the Augustus Tower which is where all the hall and elevator shots are taken. The Forum Tower is the only flat roof with expansive Views of the City which is why it was filmed there.

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What chapel did they film The Hangover?

If you have your heart set on getting married, head just a few storefronts down to the famous 24-hour Little White Wedding Chapel located at 1301 Las Vegas Blvd. South. It’s the same place where Britney Spears married childhood friend Jason Alexander, and where Bruce Willis and Demi Moore tied the knot.

Is the hotel room in The Hangover real?

To clarify a piece of Las Vegas lore, the suite seen in the movie doesn’t really exist. “The Villa,” which bachelors request, is actually a sound stage inspired by elements from several suites at Caesars but producers chose most of the set elements from the Emperors Suite.

Is the tiger in Hangover real?

Ed Helms: “It’s a pretty elegant editing job between the real and the animatronic tigers. But the scene where the tiger actually pops up behind us, that’s actually a Jim Henson tiger puppet. The Jim Henson Company actually supplied that tiger.

Where was Hangover 2 Shot in Thailand?

The film opens in Krabi with the beautiful white beaches and limestone cliffs. This is in Southern Thailand. Most of the movie was shot at the exclusive resort Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve. From their website: “Guests are in for a luxurious experience mingled with local culture and heritage.

Where was Hangover 2 shot?

The Hangover Part II, an American comedy and the follow-up to the blockbuster movie, The Hangover, which made US$450 million at the box office, has been filmed extensively at lebua, the all-suite Luxurious Hotel in Bangkok.

Why is there no hangover 4?

During a January 2020 interview with Access Hollywood (via US Magazine), Helms played a game called “Helms yes or Helms no.” When asked about a fourth Hangover, he chose “Helms no,” adding that he believes the franchise ran its course. This isn’t the first time Helms has said no to another Hangover movie.

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How much did Hangover actors get paid?

For the second Hangover, the four actors held out for $5 million base salaries plus 4% of the gross, each. Todd Phillips negotiated a $10 million salary and 10% of the gross. When the second Hangover earned $586 million, each actor’s took home $28.44 million.

Who owns the Tiger in the hangover in real life?

Ed Helms’ and Zach Galifianakis’ songs (“Stu’s Song” and “Three Best Friends”, respectively) were improvised. In real life, Mike Tyson owns seven tigers. Mike Tyson revealed that he appeared in the film to fund his drug habit, and that he was high on cocaine when he filmed his scenes.

Does Stu marry Jade in Hangover 2?

Somehow she ends up marrying Stu, and Stu gives her his grandmother’s wedding ring (the so-called holocaust ring – due to his grandmother’s successful smuggling of it in a Nazi concentration camp) Jade ends up leaving her infant son Tyler in they guys’ room at Caesar’s Palace.

Is The Best Little Chapel real?

The Best Little Chapel from the film is fictional, and is actually the Hostel Cat, a building that is still there today, with a fake front that was added to the north side.

Where did the guys stay in the hangover?

Although the suite that the guys stayed in doesn’t really exist, the hallway and elevator lobby the guys were at throughout the movie is real and located on the 24th floor of the Augustus Tower.

Where did they film the desert scene in The Hangover?

Jean Dry Lake, Nevada, USA (Phil, Alan, & Stu meet Chow in the desert trying to get Doug back.) Chevron Gas Station – 1 Goodsprings Road, Jean, Nevada, USA (Gas n Gulp scene where Stu defends his wife’s indiscretion with the bartender on cruise ship.)

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